Ana Valvert

Productivity Assistant - Guatemala

I was a freelance executive assistant before joining Prialto in 2019

My clients tended to be, well, not very professional. They didn’t always pay on time, for example. Before that, I worked for a mobile phone company, all I did was tell people how much data they had left, which didn’t contribute anything to my professional growth 

Ana's Journey

Helping build a different kind of company

I could tell Prialto was different starting with the interview

Everyone I talked to was so thoughtful and professional. I could see that I mattered to them and that they wanted the company to matter to me.

I care a lot about Prialto because I see what the leaders are trying to build

Part of my work is supporting Prialto’s executives. So I have a front-row view of the kind of company they want Prialto to be. Amplifying People is not just a slogan. It is what we want to do for ourselves and our members.

I love that I have a role in helping Prialto grow

I prospect for sales leads, and I get to see those leads become customers. It’s gratifying. The leaders like my work, and I know I am appreciated. I also support member businesses, and in the same way, it’s exciting to be part of executive teams.  

I can read and write Korean, and love learning languages

I love learning! Another great benefit at Prialto is that the company gives us access to an online learning platform to learn new tools and technology. I love it! It’s like I won a prize! I also learn every day from the executives that I support.  

Prialto is the best place to work in Guatemala because you are treated like a person

Your time is respected here, you are empowered to invest in your professional development, and you have an incredible leadership team that wants the best for you. If you take the opportunities to grow and look for ways to contribute, you will be rewarded.   

I want to see the Rolling Stones before they retire

I traveled to see my favorite band, Muse, for their Simulation Theory World Tour in Texas and Florida. The Rolling Stones said they are going to do one last tour after Covid. I have to see them! 


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