Prialto's Best Articles of 2020

By Emily Roner | Updated: 10 Dec, 2020

As a service that supports business leaders from soloprenuers to executives at publicly listed companies, we’ve seen how companies at all levels have been impacted by this year’s events. These insights have inspired us to create content that helps you continue pursuing success throughout all of the uncertainty. 

Here are our top 10 articles from 2020. 


1) 6 Principles that Are Helping Me and Prialto Stay Centered in this Crisis

This article from our CEO, Eric Taussig, was published in late March just as the severity and longevity of the COVID-19 crisis were becoming apparent. Though everyone has adapted to the new reality, many of the points he shares are still extremely relevant as the path forward remains uncertain. 


2) How to Boost Employee Engagement in 4 Core Areas

This year, we were honored to be named one of Oregon’s Top Workplaces. In this article, we share the top four employee engagement strategies that helped us create an empowering culture.


3) 75% of Executives Follow a Productivity Management System. Here’s Why.

To cope with the constantly changing environment, many executives turned to productivity systems to stay focused. This article shares the most popular systems and the benefits of adopting one. 


4) How to Stick with a Time Management System

If you’ve struggled to stick with time management systems in the past, it’s likely because you’ve taken the wrong approach. Productivity is personal so, for best results, you need to adapt systems to fit your work style. This article teaches you how to. 


5) Keys to Successful Remote Management

For many companies, remote work is here to stay. Uplevel your management remote management skills with these tips from the productivity coach, Alexis Haselberger. 


6) How to Optimize Executive Productivity During a Crisis

In uncertain environments, boosting your productivity is as much about mitigating the scope of new issues as it is about optimizing your habits. These productivity strategies will help you tackle new challenges and focus on the strategic activities that drive your success. 


7) 5 Strategies to Engage In Meaningful Online Networking

Among other things, this year taught us how essential our networks are and how difficult it is to engage with them in a remote environment. Here are five authentic ways to foster your existing professional relationships and build new ones. 


8) How to Choose the Best Task Management App

There are dozens of task management apps and the process of trying to find and adopt one can be a productivity killer. To help, we’ve created some simple guidelines to help you quickly narrow down which app is the best fit for you and your team.


9) Top Types of Apps Executives Adopted in Q2 2020

Q2 of this year was of the most tumultuous that many business leaders have ever faced. This article shares the tools that executives turned to in face of multiple crises and provides insights that can be leveraged to solve future challenges. 


10) 7 Research-Backed Ways to Drive Workplace Innovation

If your company isn’t innovating, you’re falling behind. Though creating an innovative culture can be daunting, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Use these research-backed strategies to spur your team’s creativity. 

We hope you enjoy these articles and we look forward to helping you amplify your business in the new year.