Business Rockstars Podcast: Why Executives Hire Virtual Assistants

By Deena Anreise | Updated: 07 Jun, 2017

Recently, our CEO Eric Taussig was interviewed on the Business Rockstars show.

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In this episode of Business Rockstars, host Alex Wehrley talks to Eric about the cross cultural challenges of working with a virtual administrative assistant across borders, the benefits of working with a managed virtual assistant services company, and the pain points of outsourcing admin work to virtual assistants

Check out Eric's Business Rockstars video interview below!

"We believe, and have believed from the beginning, that in a hyper connected world there is very little value in simply connecting two people. You need to add a lot of value for both parties, both for the person delivering the work and the person needing the work..."

Eric Taussig, CEO and Founder of Prialto

Business Rockstars Podcast Interview with Eric Taussig CEO and Founder of Prialto.png

How did Eric get started and why?

Eric paid attention to the market, and found that business professionals didn't necessarily know how to use virtual assistants even though they desperately needed to leverage a virtual administrative assistant. From the start, executives began to leverage Prialto for best practices in this area.

Eric quickly realized that what executives really wanted was Prialto's knowledge regarding how to delegate to a virtual administrative assistant in order to save time, grow professional networks, and generate new revenue. In this way, initial sales calls became consultative sales conversations almost immediately. Thus, the Prialto team started to document and curate their knowledge of productivity best practices and best-in-class ways to leverage virtual assistant services in order to become smarter and smarter as quickly as they could. 

What shaped the company in the early years?

This helped Eric pivot the business in the first few years, causing Prialto's team of project managers, team managers, and virtual assistants "to create a knowledge center and document everything."


Many of us struggle with process-driven productivity. Others find it difficult to stay organized. Still others are "ideas people" who are too busy to decide what they need to delegate let alone to take the time needed to scope things out for delegation. 

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