Get Off the Feast-or-Famine Treadmill

By Deena Anreise | Updated: 17 Oct, 2016

If you offer a professional service, your business probably depends on referrals for nearly 100% of its growth. The only relevant thing that sets you apart from alternative providers is your superior execution. And only the social proof of a trusted referral will convince potential new clients that your delivery is indeed superior. 

The problem is, you’re likely too busy executing on your current business and maintaining your reputation to help encourage new referrals and nurture them to new business.

The solution is to leverage administrative support that will drive consistent referral generating and nurturing activities on your behalf.  

3 Repeatable Administrative Tasks for a Personal Assistant

  1. Find the right networking events: An executive assistant can maintain a calendar of events that will help you meet people relevant to your craft. Once you provide some event parameters for guidance (such as time-of-day, subject matter, size, and/or cost) all you’ll have to worry about is whether or not the scheduled event is interesting to you. Once at the event, it’s best not to focus on whether tons of potential new clients will be there. Instead, simply enjoy the event. That way, you’ll be enjoyable to be around, which will attract people to you. Your main goal at events is not to land a new client on the spot, but to build a network of fans that will remember you when they hear of someone who needs your service.
  1. Follow-up 100% of the time: How many times have you made a solid, enjoyable connection at an event only to forget about him/her and fail to stay in touch? This is an incredible loss. Every new connection, personal or professional, is a potential source of new business. One of our event networking best practices is to take a photo of each business card that you’re handed at an event. It’s most effective to take the photos with your smartphone before you leave the event, and immediately send them to your administrative assistant. Your administrative assistant will upload them into your CRM and remind you to follow up first thing in the morning. A simple hello and a brief reminder of having met at the event the evening before will lay the foundation for future contact.
  1. Nurture, continuously: Your virtual assistant will make sure to tag each contact in your CRM by your contact’s interests and affinity groups. They’ll also categorize each contact by how frequently (frequency buckets) you should be in touch (once a month, once a quarter, twice a year and so on). Have your virtual assistant draft the outline of several personal emails that you can send each day based on the frequency buckets mentioned above. Your virtual assistant can use the interest tags as the stated catalyst for the outreach.

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