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Making Social Media Work for Your Business

11 Oct, 2011 | Neha Singh Gohil

Social media—and how to use it. In Part 2 we present five whitepapers that provide more details on what that exactly means.

  1. A Primer in Social Media by Eric Karjaluoto (smashLAB, March 2008)
    A strong introduction to social media with examples of successful and unsuccessful uses and suggestions on how to apply them to your own company. Includes an extensive bibliography.
  2. The Coming Change in Social Media Business Applications by Josh Gordon (socialmediatoday)
    First social media was used for general business communication. But now uses are shifting towards consumer engagement. Survey data confirms the trend. And applications of Twitter and social networking are outlined later in the article.
  3. Social Media: The Case for Online Engagement (dna13 Inc., 2009)
    (Requires free registration) Social media is a powerful tool for reputation management. Case studies of McDonald's, MasterCard, and JetBlue demonstrate how each has used this tool successfully. Social media lets your company reach a large audience at low costs and a unified company message.
  4. Social Networking: An Age Neutral Commodity by Dick Shroud (October 2007)
    Social networking is relevant to all age groups and consumer types . Here you will read about the fundamentals, a history, and why social networking is now so prominent. The author concludes with some speculation on where social networking is going and how marketers should use it.
  5. Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael A. Stelzner (March 2009)
    A comprehensive study on how marketers are using social media to grow and promote their businesses. It is stuffed with data and graphs to make sense of recent trends and answer questions

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