PA Note: Be Accountable for Your Own Success

By Guest Author | Updated: 11 Nov, 2014

This article is part of our ongoing PA Note series. It reflects the thoughts, experiences, and motivations of Prialto’s Productivity Assistants from the field. In this post, Carol Cazali of our Guatemala City Service Center talks about Prialto’s unique training process.

Every day I’ve been at Prialto has been a different challenge; unlike other BPO (business process outsourcing) companies I’ve worked for, what really caught my attention about working here was the daily challenge and how much more involved, engaged and accountable I get to be with my job.

Here are three things that set Prialto apart:

1. Accountability. From day one, Prialto pushed me out of my comfort zone by putting me in charge of my own training. Although it may seem convenient to listen to someone else talk for hours about your new job, it may not be practical, because information is absorbed in many different ways. Some are visual learners, while others learn by doing. By not considering learning style, training information can be ‘lost (never to be found) in translation’.

Being responsible for my own learning makes me consequently responsible for my performance, which ultimately pushes me to research, ask questions and want to know more about what I do in order to master my skills and be the best I can be.

2. Ownership. My client’s business is also my business. Unlike other BPO companies that are often limited by specific processes, Prialto trusts my judgment. My ideas to make my work better and more efficient are taken into consideration. My decisions are supported and I am encouraged to think of my client’s business as if it were my own, this attitude of ownership allows me to stay one step ahead, anticipating any issue or need before it happens.

3. Support. My team is always prepared to support me. We not only share processes, we take an interest in each other’s work. Through open knowledge sharing, we’re constantly making big and small changes to our client’s daily processes, enabling each of us to deliver great work across the board.

At Prialto, not only am I responsible for my learning, but I also remain accountable to a team that invests time and effort in becoming better at what they do. Each day represents a new challenge and it’s that challenge that keeps me excited to come to work, while making an investment into my client’s success.