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Scientific Proof You Can’t Handle More SaaS/Mobile Applications

22 Jan, 2012 | Annie Andre

Love new tools but don’t have the time?

If you are like me, every time a friend suggests a new cool online tool (SaaS software, web application, or mobile app), you quickly write it down to research later. But, inevitably, after taking a quick peek at the website, that interest quickly fades.

I used to kick myself for not adopting every new tool I heard about. I constantly asked myself, “Bob found this tool useful and he appears more productive that I am, why can’t I adopt it?”

There is a scientific reason

The simple scientific fact is that, like social relationships, there are only so many SaaS applications you can effectively manage on a regular basis. In 1992, British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, studied social networks and found that a human can maintain ~150 stable relationships.

Further studies have shown that Dunbar’s Number remains consistent, even with the advent of social networks. As another data point, Pinch Media, which tracks iPhone app usage, has shown that 30-days after an app is purchased, less than 5 percent of buyers continue to use it.

Want the power of these applications without the effort?

Through our team’s 500,000+ hours supporting Prialto members, we have observed the practices of senior executives and sales teams. We estimate that a busy executive can manage 6 to 8 applications on a consistent basis. However, there is a second tier of apps that executives need functionality from but can’t spare the time to use (i.e. expense management, CRM, social media monitoring..)

About Prialto

Helping executives manage web-based applications is at the core of Prialto’s mission. If you would like to learn how you and your team can leverage virtual executive assistants to increase productivity, contact us at www.prialto.com or 650-517-7100

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