8 Tested Travel Hacks For Time-Strapped Executives

By Dusti Arab | Updated: 28 Dec, 2017

I have a confession - one that when I've previously revealed it has elicited shock gasps.

Ready for it?

Last year, I went to Paris for 10 days with a carry-on and a handbag.

It's true. Not only did I manage that, I packed enough outfits that I didn't need to bother washing clothes, either. It wasn't just a pleasure trip. I worked for half of the days I was away, and I had to have my tech tools on me to make the most of both the trip and the travel time. 

And the best part about all this? You can absolutely manage it, too.

Travelling for work gets a bad rap. You have to be away from family and friends - not to mention the comfort of your own bed. 

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be so uncomfortable, and there are ways you can ensure you get the best experience as often as possible. 

Below, you'll find our best travel hacks for executives. Here's to making life a little easier.

8 Tested Travel Hacks For Time-Strapped Executives

1. Don't check baggage

Do you really need to bring all that with you? The answer is probably not. When in doubt, ask yourself if an item will be less than $20 to replace if you end up needing it. Checking baggage is expensive, and it adds on so much unnecessary time and stress from having to tote it everywhere that you're better off skipping the whole circus.

For an outstanding, custom-to-your-needs packing list that will guarantee you have everything you need, click here. 

2. Check in online

This is basic, but it turns out only 33% of people check-in before they get to the airport.

Why waste time when you arrive? While I'm spoiled with the gloriously short security lines at PDX, you may not be, and if that's the case, then you need to make sure you're shaving off minutes wherever you can. Even if you don't check in till you hop an Uber, this will save a minimum of 10 minutes upon arrival.

3. Check wait times before you go

Again, this sounds like a no-brainer, but the majority of people don't realize this handy tool exists. Never head to the airport guessing how much time you'll spend in security again.

4. Always pack these items

Most items are negotiable, but these ones aren't: hand sanitizer, phone charger, a water bottle, a high-protein snack, and a tennis ball.

Why a tennis ball? You can roll out your feet when you're trapped in a seated position for long stretches of time.

5. Stick to one airline

The perks are too good not to stick to one airline (possibly two, if you're a frequent flyer). Have your assistant compare benefits such as credit card options, miles, lounges, and other tangential benefits to decide which one to work with.

6. Pack a uniform.

While a capsule wardrobe was my secret to success while overseas, a standard work uniform can do wonders for you when you find yourself travelling regularly. Choose collared shirts that have enough stretch to make ironing less frequent.

7. Get TSA-Pre

If you're travelling once a month or more, TSA-Pre is absolutely worth the investment. Most of the time, the TSA-Pre line is nearly empty, and at only a few hundred dollars, it's an obvious choice. 

Global Entry is a less commonly needed option, but if you're a frequent international traveller, have your assistant look into if you qualify. 

8. Make sure your assistant knows your preferences

If you're not planning the majority of your own travel, you want to guarantee your assistant already knows how to keep you happy, even when (especially when?) you're jetsetting. 

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