COVID-19 Resources for Executives and Small Businesses

Our Prialto team stands ready to support our many members through the COVID-19 crisis. We also wish to stand in solidarity with the broader community of executives and business leaders working to steer through. We've compiled and are updating the valuable resources below to help you and your company navigate this challenging time.

    • This report from Deloitte shares how leaders can quickly create an effective crisis response plan to keep their team’s moving forward.  


    • If you’ve suffered, or expect to suffer, severe financial impacts from COVID-19, check out this article. It’ll walk you through how to get all of your finances in order.  


    • Learn specifically what it takes to be a resilient leader and lessons from China-based business operations on how to effectively cope.  


    • In these stressful times, many employees feel like their goals are unattainable. Here are actionable tips to help your team stay focused and motivated.  


    • Feeling overwhelmed? Our CEO shares how he’s staying centered during this difficult time.


    • Here is SBA’s overview of all of the resources they’re offering during including both new programs and existing ones.  


    • This guide from the US Chamber of Commerce explains some of the specific features of the CARES stimulus including eligibility requirements.  


    • This resource hub includes all of the new content and programs that SCORE has created to help small businesses navigate COVID-19 challenges.  


    • Learn how to apply for Version and LISC’s recovery fund. Their goal is to support underserved small businesses who lack access to affordable capital.  


    • Facebook is offering $100M in grants and ad credits to help small businesses. Learn how to apply here 


    • Learn how to leverage GoFundMe to raise funds for your business.  


    • Worried about IT security while your team is working from home? Cloudflare is giving their cybersecurity software for free to small businesses.  
  • COVID-19 Financial Guide
    • This guide from walks you through all of the major financial challenges caused by COVID-19 and how to overcome each one so you can help your business recover. 

    • If you’re new to working from home, these basic tips will help you develop effective habits.   


    • Managing remote teams requires a different skillset than you may currently use. This article will help you adapt.  


    • If your employees are newly working from home, check out these strategies to help keep them engaged.  


    • Remote work places unique stresses on management. Here’s how to adapt and help your team succeed.  


    • One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is the lack of structure. Learn how to time block your tasks to stay productive.  

    • The key to surviving a crisis is to keep moving forward. Our CEO explains how to build your business during uncertain times.  


    • Cash flow is your lifeline during a crisis. Here’s Deloitte’s advice on how to manage it.  


    • Recession planning helps you take control of the financial crisis. Here are Experian’s top strategies.  


    • Learn how to find the right balance of cost-cutting and fostering innovation to help your business come out ahead.  


    • Read some of Harvard Business Review’s best tips for helping your business make it through a recession.  


    • It’s not too late to implement some of these strategies to recession-proof your organization.  


    • Here are eight steps you can take to secure your personal finances.  


    • With stocks down across the board, now is a great time to buy. Here are the stocks expected to have the best recoveries.  

    • Though we’re facing a much different kind of crisis, these lessons from 9/11 business leaders are valuable for all businesses struggling to communicate with their teams.  


    • Here are some best practices to help you avoid sending tone-deaf messages during this sensitive time.  


    • Learn how PR experts are effectively managing business communications during the crisis.  

    • COVID-19 has transformed the B2B sales landscape. Here’s how to help your team cope with the changes.  


    • These types of posts will help you keep your engagement rates high while your audience is highly distracted.  


    • Here are some steps to quickly shift your sales strategy to meet the needs of today’s market.  


    • Marketing expert Neil Patel dives into recent trends to help you understand how COVID-19 has changed the marketing landscape.  

    • Supply chains around the world have been disrupted. Deloitte explains strategic steps you can take to minimize the impact on your business.  


    • Experiencing severe supply chain disruptions? This article explains how to make your system more resilient moving forward.  

    • Never hosting a virtual event before? Here are some best practices to get you started.  


    • Learn how to leverage Zoom to host virtual events.  


    • Have to cancel your in-person event? Here’s how to quickly make it virtual. 

    • Castlight Health created a database of COVID-19 testing sites. Share with your team so they can get tested, if needed.  


    • Sleep is essential for productivity and good decision-making. Here are some tips from Harvard Medical School to help you get quality sleep.  
    • This free course from the University of Toronto will help you stay centered while you confront this crisis.  

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