Joshua Flores

Team Leader - Guatemala

I was working at a call center in 2016 when a friend told me about her job as a Productivity Assistant at Prialto

I wanted more opportunities to develop my business skills and experience in a more professional environment. That’s exactly what I have found. You get to work with all kinds of businesses and learn so much about how they operate. Through doing things like scheduling meetings, managing calendars, and finding new sales products you become like a business partner and help executives and businesses succeed. 

Joshua's Journey

Career development, growth, and adventure

I knew from the interview process that this company is different

It’s a very formal process, with personality testing, shadowing a Prialto assistant, talking with team leaders. Prialto took it very seriously, and just the interviewing took several days.  It was clear to me that they were preparing to invest in me as a person, and that they expected me to invest in my own success, our members’ success, and Prialto’s success.  

Prialto has been great for my professional growth

After starting as a PA, I become a senior PA, a Team Captain, and now I am a Team Leader. I love helping my teammates succeed. I get to lead by example and try to inspire others. It is a perfect role for my values.  

I am going back to school to study for my MBA

Working at Prialto is great preparation because I get to work with all types of businesses and industries. One of my first members led a company that made learning software and I helped him find 100-200 new prospects per day. It was really rewarding to see the sales growth from those efforts.  

The perks are growing

After three years at Prialto you get an “Amplivacation,” paid time off with a stipend to do something you've always wanted to do. I traveled to Mexico. It was my first time out of Guatemala.  I got to ride in a hot air balloon—a bucket list adventure (next up, skydiving!). I also love the online learning platform we can use to improve our professional skills. 

My favorite day is Monday

No kidding! I look forward to work. Every week is a fresh start.

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