Abby's Career Story with Prialto

Abby Buentipo

Team Captain - Philippines

Prialto was my first job, fresh out of college in 2013

I loved the work right away and started recruiting more people to join us. The country manager saw my initiative, and I started splitting my time between being a PA and doing HR recruiting work. Most of the people I recruited are still here too.  

Abby's Journey

Joining, returning, and leading.

In 2014 I left Prialto

I had an opportunity to take a course in caregiving that would allow me to move to Canada. But there were paperwork problems, and it didn't work out. I tried some other jobs. Then a former co-worker invited me back to Prialto to help with an account. It was a growing media company, and it used a very specialized process that I knew, so I came back in 2014.   

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I knew after trying other jobs that Prialto is special

The leaders really want to open opportunities for us. I started sharing my experience and training other PAs, and I began to split my time between training and supporting members. The company encourages us to grow, and it made me want to help Prialto grow so more people could have this experience.   

In 2018 I became a Team Captain

A Team Captain is a mentor/manager for a team that supports our larger accounts. One of my accounts is up to 11 members. I love helping my team the way I have been helped. We value feedback, and even when someone makes a mistake, we don't blame or criticize. We just work together to fix whatever went wrong. Sometimes people aren't in the right role, and we try to find their superpower.

I have referred 15 people to Prialto that became PAs

Most of them are still here. I love video games, and I've even recruited some people I've met playing Audition Dance Battle.  I tell everyone, it's not about having super technical skills. We can train you for those. It's about having excellent communication skills and being open-minded, eager to learn, and willing to ask for help when you need it.   

I'm now an Operations Team Leader at Startup Accelerator

It was hard to leave my first job and first love but I know that I am here where I'm right now because Prialto made it possible. I'm super grateful for all the knowledge and memories I have shared with everyone in this company.

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