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We've provided over a million hours of support to businesses ranging from boutique consulting firms to publicly listed companies. This breadth of experience allows us to maximize your executive, operational and sales productivity regardless of your industry or size. 

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“My Prialto PA has learned my real estate world very quickly, has gone beyond the call of duty countless times, and saved me many hours of admin work.”

Karen Mendelsohn Gould, Compass

“I work with one person every day who helps me blend professional and personal tasks to allow me to focus on what I do best.”

Joseph Kopser, Grayline

"Prialto was the right decision. They are quick and professional. My workday is made easier with their assistance. Implementation and training was quick. They listen to what my requests are and make it happen."

Lisa Blago, Castlight Health

“Social intelligence and professionalism are extremely important to me. When [my VA] interacts with my investors and entrepreneurs, I trust that they receive a quality experience.”

Angela Jackson, Portland Seed Fund

“Our team has been so impressed by the efficiency, professionalism and high-quality dedication of the entire Prialto team. The ramp-up time with the new PA was lightning quick. And process management with the Prialto PA is highly effective.”

David Willard, 52 Capital Partners

“Look no further. These guys have the model dialed in. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the competence of my assistant and her ability to move quickly and pivot with our ever-changing needs.”

Michael Gazzano, PEO Benchmark

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“Service from their team is top-notch. They bring professionalism from the PAs and EMs alike, bringing proactive account management that focuses on getting optimal utilization from the service.”

Shaina Anderson, Chewse

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Prialto for nearly two years now. Sales are up, pipelines are full, and follow-ups are well managed.”

Ed Casey, AscendantFx

“Thank You to Guen, my new PA. If we defined your job as 'making my life better', you’re absolutely succeeding.”

Eric Page, Stride

“My VA is always accessible, is personable, professional and so responsive in getting tasks completed (and usually ahead of schedule). I would highly recommend working with the Prialto team!”

Laura Mendelow, Mendelow Consulting

“I’m consistently impressed by the hands-on effort that the organization takes at all levels to solve problems and improve our day-to-day productivity. Given the chance, I’d hire them again.”

Josh Iverson, iMedia

“Prialto not only helped us to improve our sales team’s productivity but also to drive process improvements across the organization and give us greater visibility into our growing pipeline.”

Ron Mester, Power Almanac

“I would highly recommend Prialto to other companies who don’t have time to handle the more manual tasks of their business or micromanage another person to get it done.”

Josh Wilcox, InCloud Counsel

“The elevated level of professionalism and capability of the EMs and PAs eased me into a beneficial partnership with them, and I saw a proactive increase in company workflow as a result.”

Alex Baydin, PerformLine

“I have had the pleasure of working with Prialto for almost a year now and continue to see value in their virtual assistant services. They have a streamlined setup process and keep a go-to checklist for your dedicated PA.”

Lorelei Graye, Leodoran Financial

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