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Prialto’s managed service offers 55 hours per month of executive support. We call this the Prialto Unit. The number is not set in stone as we know that needs vary from day to day, week to week, and month to month.

Our assistants can do any task that is repetitive and teachable. Broad categories include: 

  • Traditional admin work (schedule management, travel planning, and expense, data entry). 
  • Sales support (CRM management, following up on leads, schedule calls). 
  • Back-office automation (data entry, light bookkeeping, invoicing). 

Based on 12+ years of experience, we have found that 55 hours works well for most executives. It’s about a third of a full-time employee. If you need more, you can add another unit.

We don’t need to. We don’t charge overages until you consistently go 20-30 percent over, at which point you may want to add another unit. It can take some time to get utilization up, and our engagement managers are here to help you do that.

No. We ask for a three-month commitment to reach your “sweet spot,” and after that, you pay on a month-to-month basis.

With a managed virtual assistant service, you hire the service provider, not an individual assistant. You get a team of account managers that document your processes, performance managers that train assistants on your procedures and preferences, and backup assistants, so you never have to start over. No management, HR, payroll, or other overhead is required.

Prialto virtual executive assistants cost $1,350 for approximately 55 hours of service. We call this one unit. It's a flat rate, so we won't charge you extra if you occasionally use slightly more hours. You can purchase as many units as you need for your business.
Our engagements begin with a three-month committment then shift to a month-to-month contract.

Our headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, and our virtual assistants work in our offices in the Philippines, Kenya and Guatemala.

We have a deep bench of virtual assistants and an inventory of their interests, skills, and experience. We find it works best for us to match you with the right expertise. Our 98 percent client retention rate suggests that we get it right.

Absolutely. You will have two fully trained backup assistants that can step in when the primary assistant is absent, leaves, or doesn’t work out.

Yes. All our assistants are fluent in English, and we train them on professional communication skills. Most are college-educated or in college. We regularly do phone outreach on clients’ behalf.

While our assistants are trained in multiple different software programs, we're able to learn the tools you are already using. If your assistant is unfamiliar with a particular software you use, chances are someone else on the team has experience with it who will be able to train them on it. Check out the most common tools we utilize.

No training is required on your part! Our Engagement Managers are experts at getting your processes and preferences out of your head and documenting them so that an assistant can do them for you. It usually takes about an hour.

Just a few days. You take a short survey to define what you want the assistant to do, and we take it from there. An onboarding call of an hour or less is all the time you’ll need to invest.

We cover all U.S. time zones.

No. Because we hire our virtual assistants, we follow local country labor laws. Also, we want our assistants to have a positive work-life balance.

Yes. We aim to amplify our employees as well as our members. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, training, coaching, and mentor. To learn more about our employees’ journeys, visit prialto.com/prialto-career-stories

We take security very seriously. Because our assistants are our employees, they work in secure facilities and on protected servers, networks and company PCs. They access your systems with encrypted passwords (they never see your passwords and we can revoke access at any time). All employees go through background checks and sign confidentiality agreements.

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