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No single virtual assistant provides the support, continuity, and enterprise-level security that Prialto delivers.

Virtual Assistant Services We Provide

Scale your admin needs with a managed virtual assistant service that ensures consistently strong and proactive support to power success. Our consultative approach means your assistant(s) will make you and your team more productive without the need to manage another employee.

Get executive, sales, operations, and other virtual assistant services for:

Virtual Assistant Services We Provide

Prialto Testimonial by Laura Mendelow of Mendelow Consulting
Laura MendelowMendelow Consulting
“My assistant is always accessible, is personable, professional and so responsive in getting tasks completed (and usually ahead of schedule). I would highly recommend working with the Prialto team!”
5 stars
Prialto Testimonial by Alexander McCobin of Conscious Capitalism
Alexander McCobinConscious Capitalism
"Prialto is by far the best assistant services I have had yet. Not only is there a dedicated assistant, they have a team supporting them, I get daily updates on what was accomplished, and if they don't know how to do something, they are quick to learn how. Thank you, Prialto!"
5 stars
Prialto Testimonial by Karen Smith of SHRM
Karen SmithSHRM
"Prialto’s process is very smart. They don’t just hire someone and take care of their payroll; they have teams, support, and constant training. There were a lot of virtual assistants out there, but Prialto offered a better approach."
5 stars

Achieve more utilizing our managed service with over 13 years and 1.3+ million hours of professional support experience


Quickly Enhance Productivity

We efficiently analyze your workflow and draw upon our near-endless catalog of best practices to proactively outline what work we can perform on your behalf.

Along with your assistant, you'll be paired with one of our Engagement Managers who acts as your productivity thought leader, giving you guidance on how to best delegate your tasks. Every conversation with us is a powerful productivity pit stop that helps you fine-tune your efficiency to leave you more at ease and better focused.


Leave the Training & Management to Us

Each Prialto Assistant is provided with weeks of up-front training on top of their existing education. And it does not stop there: They are supported with a deep bench of experienced Prialto people, tools and processes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how we “just get it” without your need to waste extra time with training and management.


Never Start Over Again

All of your work is cross-trained among a team of people and everything is consistently documented, even as your tools change and processes evolve.

If your Prialto assistant is temporarily out for vacation, is promoted, or leaves, the transition is seamlessly managed by us. A Prialto assistant with existing knowledge is there to step in and our team of managers makes sure your Prialto support stays intact.

Resources to tackle admin staffing

Is creating a more productive company on your mind? These resources will give you the guidance and resources you need to make the best hiring decisions.

How to Eliminate Executive Assistant Turnover
How to Eliminate Executive Assistant Turnover

Executive assistants are hard to find, and turnover is high. Learn how to eliminate EA turnover and find your forever assistant.


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Advantages of managed virtual assistant services
Advantages of Managed Virtual Assistant Services

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Case Study

Eliminate Assistant Turnover

When James Orsillo, CFO/COO at Underscore VC, contacted Prialto, Underscore needed to add support but he was wary of hiring and training new executive assistants only to have them quit.

“We had gone through some of the pain of hiring and training people and they leave, and you start over,” he said. “The executive assistant was a high turnover position in every company I have worked at, and I saw Prialto’s model as a way to avoid that.”

The bottom line: “We want to make sure that everyone has adequate resources without adding more management overhead, and a solution that could grow and flex to our exact needs, Prialto’s managed service model gives us a lot of options.”

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