No single virtual assistant provides the support, continuity, and enterprise-level security that Prialto delivers.


Prialto is a managed service. This means every assistant comes with ongoing support, from managers who ensure quality to proactive systems that guarantee success.

We offer a range of sales, operations, and admin support for individuals and for teams and organizations


After ten years and over a million hours of executive support, we’ve created a model that delivers measurable results for organizations of all sizes.

Expect more gains with a high quality virtual assistant backed by Prialto’s managed support.

Experts in Your Tech Platforms

Switching platforms? Someone needs to set aside their work and get your support staff up to date. Time spent training is time spent away from your core goals.
Deploying a new SaaS tool? Chances are we’ve used it before. We’re experts in 100+ enterprise softwares. If it’s your own proprietary tool, you’ll only train us once and then leave all additional training to us.

Eliminate HR Risk

When you hire the wrong support person, or when a great support person leaves, you face another costly round of offboarding, hiring and training. Every new hire is a risky decision and this risk increases when hiring outside your business’ core function.
Prialto manages all the risk. We onboard and offboard for you and take care of your assistant’s benefits and professional growth. Each assistant learns the culture and context of your workplace so they thrive without taking up extra time.

Only Train Once

When your company scales, it’s critical to provide seamless admin support for your professionals. But taking the time and energy to fold new people into your company can distract from growth.
Scale up or down with a single call. Because we understand your workplace and our people, we’re experts in quickly providing support where it’s needed most.

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