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Contact Prialto. Find out what a world class managed virtual assistant service can do for you

Incredible Executive Support

Incredibly Simple Pricing




Gain 55 Hours Per Month

  • Prialto virtual assistants do the critical stuff you put off or never even get to, and do it well
  • Now you can focus on the higher value aspects of your work and business  



Every Prialto Unit $1200/month

  • Over 55 hours of support from your dedicated Prialto Virtual Assistant and backup support when your asisstant is out
  • Unlimited access to your Prialto Engagement Manager, an amazing thought partner in optimizing your time-saving processes

  1. Start Fast



Get up and running with your Prialto Virtual Assistant fast. Our comprehensive onboarding process will allow you to keep running forward while we build the support around you. That’s why executives rave about our virtual assistant service as being “remarkably turnkey”


  2. Get things done



Work with people who understand remote collaboration and getting things done. Our best practices are culled from over 500,000 hours of experience supporting executives and sales teams. We are proactive on your behalf, so you don’t have to slow down to answer “What can I do for you today?”

 3. Scale



Because Prialto works as a team, documents all your processes, and is focused on constant process improvement, we can quickly scale with your organization. Our virtual assistants work side-by-side so that they can share knowledge and learn the best practices for supporting your organization


Real Time


Our virtual assistant team is on-call throughout your service hours and provides you a phone number you can call for direct access to your assistant. If your assistant isn't available, one of their team members is backing them up

Back Up Support


We’ll make sure you're never without support. Although you'll primarily collaborate with your dedicated Prialto Virtual Assistant, we make sure you have a trained backup in case they are not available for the day



Our security policy, tools, and processes work together to deliver a secure virtual assistant service that our members trust, even in sensitive industries like healthcare, education and financial services


Overtime Work is Included for free


Our team approach allows you an extra benefit on occasions where your Prialto work needs will spike. Instead of nickel-and-diming-you, we gift you backup help from our team. Prialto members often enjoy 10-15% episodic spikes in their Prialto work needs that we don’t need to charge for

Prialto Assistants support Castlight Executives to delegate scheduling, travel and expenses

I initially expected the service to take substantial up-front time from me to get working. But Prialto's service culture and processes made it impressively turnkey

Seth Cohen

RVP at Castlight Health

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