Airha Capati

Productivity Assistant - Philippines

I wasn't sure If I wanted to apply at Prialto 

In 2017, a friend told me about her experience working at Prialto, and it sounded exciting, but I didn't know if I could talk to people from other countries. 


Airha's Journey

Growing out of her comfort zone into a leader

I loved being a PA right away

It is so rewarding and exciting to be helping U.S. executives with their businesses and lives. Members are so grateful for our service. That makes me happy.  


I was terrified of making mistakes

I asked my manager if I was doing things right so often that I thought I drove her crazy. I am a perfectionist, and when I made my first mistake, I cried.  

Mistakes are steppingstones

We use them to learn and get better. Your managers and teammates don't blame or judge; they support you and help you.   


That's why I love Prialto

We amplify our members, and we amplify each other. Support is always there.  

I've gotten to use my artistic side

I am a musician and photographer, and I learned to use Canva for graphics projects. When people say something looks good, I love it!  


I've had to move out of my comfort zone

I had to MC internal events, which terrified me. My hands were shaking! But they have gone well, and now I am a Spirit Captain and lead events all the time.  

You get to know your members

One of my executives is the VP of Design at a large IT security company. We bonded over music because we both play the guitar and write songs.  

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Being a PA is like learning to play a new instrument

You have to be patient. You're not going to a maestro in one month. There are challenges, but if you use them to learn, they become doors that open to a stairway of growth. 

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