Angel Jimenez

Alumnus - Philippines

I joined Prialto in 2018 after working at an educational theme park

I was looking for something more stable—full-time with benefits. The job description seemed interesting. It was outside of my background, and I love challenges.  

Angel's Journey

From Productivity Assistant to medical school

My first member became like a friend to me

When I visited friends in Virginia, she flew me to San Francisco and took me to "Hamilton." I was amazed that she was willing to invest so much in our relationship, and it made me work all the harder for her and all my members.  

image - 2023-02-03T154710.831

Prialto also supported me on the trip to the United States  

The managers let me work remotely for five weeks, which was not common then and flew me up to headquarters in Portland too. Another humbling example of the way the company supports employees. 

Oh, and I studied to take the Philippines equivalent of the MCAT

I needed a more flexible schedule to study for the exam (NMATs). I got into medical school and will start in the Fall of 2021. I am so humbled that my managers helped me prepare to leave the company!  


My members congratulated me on my medical school journey

They totally supported me. The messages mean so much. They said things like, “I know you will be a great doctor.” I saved them.  

I have much stronger people skills now

I will need them as a doctor! I was much shyer and didn't like talking on the phone or being on Zoom. It's second nature now.

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I also started our internal “Be Healthy” program

Each week someone in the company shares ideas and examples of how we can stay healthy. The company has supported me every step of the way.  

I loved being a PA because I learned something new every day

I learned about different businesses and industries, from tech startups to real estate and investment management.  


Never be afraid to ask questions

Everyone wants to help you—your colleagues, your managers, headquarters, and even members.  

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