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Bernadette Balais

Team Captain, Manila


Before joining Prialto I was a high school English teacher, writer, and proofreader

I found out about Prialto through a Facebook group for call center jobs. 

Bernadette's Journey

A friend had worked there and recommended it

I didn’t see myself in the corporate world but decided to explore it. 

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I liked how PAs handled so many tasks to make executives more productive

I love to help people and learn new skills, so it was a great fit. 

My first member was someone whose stellar PA had quit

I was nervous because the previous PA set a high standard and I was brand new. 

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Everyone was so helpful and said, “you got this.”

It’s like you have a team of lawyers defending you! 

I tend to be shy

My trainer told me to speak up and be courageous.

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I love that mistakes are treated as learning experiences

My managers don’t nit-pick, they ask “how can we help you.”  


When I became a Team Captain, I wanted to do the same for others

I love working at a company that helps us achieve our goals. 

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Being a Team Captain is like being a teacher for adults

You are managing a small class of PAs and helping them learn.  

It is also like being a writer

I see myself as guiding people to craft their stories, not telling them what to do or where to go. 

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I have great friends here

Shoutout to Jessica, Jerwin, Gabriel, Lyka, and Emerald! You are the best. 

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