Brenda Sandoval

Team Leader - Guatemala

I was a logistics coordinator for Latin America at a global apparel brand when I heard about Prialto  

It was a big job, but there was no investment in my growth, and no one seemed to care about me.   

Brenda's Journey

Helping PAs help executives grow their businesses

Prialto is entirely the opposite

The manager called me to make sure he reached me for the interview. He took the extra time. That was just the beginning of being treated like a person!  


I have never been at a job where you actually get trained

Companies tell you what to do but don’t help you learn skills, learn from peers, understand your role, what resources are available and how to use them. Prialto training sets you up for success.  

It’s great to be a part of a team

Everyone here has teammates. You make real connections and help each other—everyone wants you to grow.  


The members appreciate our work

That might be what I love most about Prialto. I helped my executive’s colleague--a sales VP. The VP appreciated it so much that he got her own Prialto PA. That felt good.  

I became a Team Leader in less than a year

I’m an overachiever! I was promoted to Team Captain after a few months. It is great to work with people who believe in you.


I’m thinking of getting an MBA

I’ve learned so many business and communication skills and working here has helped me see how much I love to learn.   

If you want to learn, this is the place for you

Prialto is a job like no other. You can learn and grow as much as you want! 


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