Bret Camarena

Engagement Manager - Guatemala

This is my first post-Army job  

Before joining Prialto in 2012, I served in the U.S. Army for eight years. My dad is an Air Force veteran and worked in the U.S. Government. We moved to Guatemala when I was 15 years old, and I came back after leaving the military.   

Bret's Journey

Helping member businesses and employees grow

I've had just about every job at Prialto

I've been a PA, Team Captain, Team Lead, Country Manager, Assistant Engagement Manager, and Engagement Manager. You name it. It's great because I know our business from the inside out and help members make the most of our service. 

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What's kept me at Prialto all these years is that it's always been "people first"

A lot of what we do boils down to building strong relationships. I love building great relationships with members and developing services tailored to their needs. The relationship becomes more and more valuable over time. PAs are also building relationships with members, and managers are building relationships with PAs. Everyone can win.  

The Engagement Manager role is a big part of what makes Prialto different

You can get a cheaper PA through a marketplace or job board. But you don't get the team behind it. We help the PAs develop the skills and knowledge they need to help members succeed. When our members succeed, the company grows, and there's more opportunity for everyone.   

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I always ask candidates, "do you want to grow in your career?"

That's the kind of person that succeeds here. If you're looking for opportunities to develop your professional skills, take ownership of your success, and invest in the company's success, you'll do great.   


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