Burge's Career Story with Prialto

Bernadette Icao

Senior PA/Recruiter - Philippines

I was a Senior Technical Recruiter for a staffing company, but the account closed  

I heard about Prialto from a former employee. I was afraid it would be boring. I liked interviewing people.  

Bernadette's Journey

Working with extraordinary executives

I was wrong! This company offers so much!

I joined an account that wasn’t going well and worked with managers to turn it around. It was so challenging and rewarding. We are still working together.  

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Everyone wants to help you grow

One member wasn’t giving a lot of feedback, and I was concerned about whether I was doing things right. I asked my managers for help, and they were incredibly supportive. I am so grateful for that.   

You are encouraged to be yourself here

I’m on the decoration committee. Everyone can decorate their workspace as they please. You can even bring your pets to work, which I do a lot.  


We work hard to stay connected without the office

We had a video beauty pageant, and everyone got really into it. It was so much fun.   

This company offers a lot

You get to work with extraordinary executives, you have great leaders and teammates, and everyone is always trying to help you grow. You can talk to our CEO like a friend.  

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Now I am recruiting for Prialto

It is so cool that the managers saw my skill and interest in recruiting and created an opportunity to do it here.

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