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Connie Marin

Team Captain, Guatemala City


Before joining Prialto I worked as a barista and at call centers 

I found out about Prialto through a Facebook group for call center jobs. 

Connie's Journey

I didn’t want to work at another call center

Once I found out I would not be taking calls, I was interested. 

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Working with executives seemed really interesting

I was right. I started learning new skills and life skills. 

One my first members was a lawyer in the U.S.

She sent me all sorts of tasks, and I learned a lot about how lawyers work. 

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My Team Captain saw that I needed a new challenge

She encouraged me to apply. I needed a push. 

I had never been a manager before

People are looking to me for leadership and coaching. I was a little nervous.  

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Being a Team Captain is challenging and fun

You are onboarding new members every week. You have to pay attention and make sure you understand how they work.  


When I became a Team Captain, one of my PAs supported a lawyer

I was able to help her based on my experience. We trained the lawyer on how to use the firm’s CRM.  

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If you want to be told what to do, you will struggle here

You are encouraged to ask questions, to be proactive, to make a positive difference. 

Prialto is a great place to work

The company is growing, and there are a lot of growth opportunities. 

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I feel like we are being taken care of

I have been here four years now. I know I am appreciated.  

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