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Emman Catimbang

Productivity Assistant - Philippines

I joined Prialto in 2017 after working in a large call center

The call center environment was very impersonal. I noticed right away that Prialto is different.  

Emman's Journey

Helping businesses succeed

It's the people that make it great here

I was surrounded by amazing people. You get to be yourself. Everyone is trying hard to do their best work. Before Covid, I resigned to work in Japan. When that job was canceled, Prialto welcomed me back. That showed me that the relationships are genuine.   

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People reach out to help you grow

The training is fantastic. All the support you need is here. You just have to ask. During my first year, I made a lot of mistakes. I was encouraged to keep learning and growing.  

You get to build relationships with members

My members are very engaging and approachable. They give positive feedback and are so appreciative of our work as you build trust. It's a great feeling.  

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You are helping businesses succeed

It's really satisfying to work with executives and help their businesses grow. You are part of the success of their companies. You don't get that feeling at call centers.    

Learning new skills is fun!

I used to be disorganized and wasn't detail-oriented. I've learned new organizational skills and keep my members organized too. I wasn't confident in my communication skills in English, now I am.  

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If you are motivated and teachable, you will do great here

You don't have to know everything before you start. It doesn't matter if you don't know what to do at first. If you are teachable, it is going to be easy. 

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