Jenny's Career Story with Prialto

Jenny Tuguigui

Team Leader- Manila

I joined Prialto in 2013 when there were just seven PAs

I had been working in call centers, and even as a Team Lead, I got all the escalated calls, which were the angriest customers. I wanted to try something new.  

Jenny's Journey

The team's success is her success

I learned about Prialto at a job fair at a mall

A virtual assistant? What's that? The manager said the company was growing and that there would be lots of opportunities for advancement. I gave it a try. He was right.

Within a year, I moved into the role of Team Captain

As I said, he was right. Team Captain was a new role. We had a new member that was adding multiple PAs, and we needed to work together as a team to dial in and continually improve our services. The member grew up to 20 PAs and is still with us. 

I love seeing PAs succeed--their success is my success

Now that I am a Team Leader, I get to help new PAs learn and grow. It's really rewarding to work with other managers and trainers to design training around the strengths of the new hires. Everyone is different, with different skills and learning styles, and our training is not one-size-fits-all. We think everyone can succeed with the right attitude and the proper support.

No two days are alike

That's one of the things I love and was looking for after my call center experience. I learn about new businesses and technologies every day. And every day, there are new problems to solve and opportunities to grow. Never a dull moment.  

You don't have to be afraid to make mistakes here

We share our weaknesses and help each other compensate for them and overcome them. I say all the time that we all have to learn what we can and can't control. It's not about how you fall but how you get up. Everyone is allowed to be an individual. You can grow and your own pace.  

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I'm also a registered nurse

 Which means everyone in the office comes to me with their health questions!   



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