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Jerwin Sonon

Productivity Assistant - Philippines

I was a Senior high school English teacher before joining Prialto   

It was exhausting. I had so much work to do outside of the classroom and students would contact me at all hours. You feel taken advantage of.   

Jerwin's Journey

Helping member businesses grow

A childhood friend worked at Prialto and loved it

She invited me to apply while we were playing a video game.  

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I applied, but I wasn’t serious about it

I skipped the interview because I was tired and wanted to sleep!  

The interviewer called my friend because she was worried about me

That meant everything! That kind of care is so rare here, at schools or in call centers and customer service companies.  

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I was afraid I wouldn’t be a good PA, but I loved it right away

People care about you here. They reach out to help you even if they don’t know you. 

Now I reach out to help others

You can see when a new PA is tentative or uncertain. When I see that I offer to help. It’s a way to give back to the people that helped me.  

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My dream is to make movies, and one of my members was a film producer

He makes documentaries and I helped schedule and coordinate a lot of the activities while making the film. I learned a lot about filmmaking which was awesome. 

My name is on the credit roll for one of his documentaries

I told him that one day I want to see my name in the credits for a movie. He did it for me!  

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I was promoted to work on larger accounts

I was nervous at first and worked hard to take ownership of new tasks with new members, and to own up to it when I made mistakes. 

Mistakes are a new beginning

They mean you are learning something new. And that is the best thing about Prialto. You learn a new skill almost every day. 

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