Jessie Silverman

Team Captain - Manila

I had worked for another virtual assistant service before taking some time off. I thought it wasn't for me.  

This service was task-driven. You never worked with the same person twice. You just got project after project after project. I didn't find it rewarding for the customers or me because there wasn't a lot of quality control, and it was impersonal.   

Jessie's Journey

From PA to Team Captain

I did a lot of research on Prialto before applying-employees loved it but I was skeptical

I came with a lot of questions! I wanted to know about the company culture, the standards for work quality. But everyone I talked to was warm, helpful, and thorough even in the interview process. They made sure I was ready for each next step.   


My first member was a marketing company that needed Salesforce support

I still have them! I started as a backup—we don't throw people into the deep end! It was a great way to get started. I took on more and more responsibilities.  

Everyone calls me their big sister

I thrive on helping people. I grew into the role of Team Captain. I manage the teams that support some of our larger accounts.   

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I focus every day on how I can help each PA improve as a PA and as a person  

I look forward to logging in every day and seeing my team. We meet every week and help each other improve. It's collaborative and energizing. Even on bad days, we still have each other's backs.  

The leaders work together as a team too

Training managers will come and ask me how a new PA is doing. They'll tell me what they think their strengths are. This helps me set up the right kind of support for each PA. I also help out with training.   

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I like building things.

I like being a team captain. I get to build my career, develop our members' businesses, and strengthen Prialto. We try to empower everyone to take charge of their careers.   



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