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Jose Shaw

Senior Productivity Assistant - Guatemala

I started at Prialto after working at a Fintech company that collapsed during Covid  

I was recruited by Prialto, and got excited about entering the world of U.S. executives.   

Jose's Journey

Helping member businesses grow

I’ve learned so much about business through my members

My first member was an analyst at a firm researching the contingent staffing industry, which was super interesting because that is a huge part of Guatemala’s economy.

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Another member is a Tik Tok influencer

This was amazing. He was traveling the world as a digital nomad, running his company, and making Tik Tok videos. I was booking cool Airbnbs and learning how to make successful Tik Tok videos.   

I am studying to be a media producer

My Team Leader looks out for me. I was also given a member that works at a media production company that creates sounds effects for filmmakers.   

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I set up meetings with companies like HBO, Netflix, and Paramount

I had a front row seat learning how to run a media production company. 

I also work with a venture capitalist that invests in startups in Africa

His schedule is crazy. He is meeting with investors and founders all over the world.  

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I was talking to CEOs, other venture capitalists, and founders

These are people I thought would be scary to talk to. But it wasn’t difficult. They treat you like you are part of their team

I learned so much about how to start a company

Another front-row seat to watch new businesses come to life. 

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Prialto is preparing me for my next steps

I am learning how to start a business and how to run a media production company! You get so much support here to grow and to follow your dreams. 

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