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Karen Pacheco

Team Leader - Guatemala City

I learned about Prialto through a friend

We met to make lunch from a recipe my father gave me. He told me he was applying at Prialto. I looked it up online. 

Karen's Journey

I liked what I saw

There were videos of holiday celebrations and other employee activities. Everyone looked so happy—the kind of happiness you can’t fake.  

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Happiness at work is not “a thing” in Guatemala.

Businesses are all about money. They might pretend to care about people, but they don’t invest in your growth like Prialto does. 

Every day of training confirmed that this is the place for me.

It was completely different from any other job. You are given everything you need to succeed, and you are empowered to use what you learn your own way. You are also challenged to show that you want to learn and grow. 


I loved my first member at CorSource Technology Group.

Members are kind and respectful, and they treat you like teammates. They tell you what needs to be done but they don’t tell you how to do it. They trust us to do our jobs. 

I learn something new every day.

That’s what I love most about working here.

When a Team Captain position opened, my managers encouraged me to apply.

I didn’t think I was ready, but they said, “don’t worry, we can help you and train you.” And they did. 


Now I get to help our PAs succeed.

One PA wanted to quit because she thought she was not capable. I said, “are you kidding me?” You can do this!” Now she is more confident and doing great. That is extremely rewarding 

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Today I am a Team Leader with more responsibility.

And I am still learning new things every day.  

Helping each other is part of our culture at Prialto.

If you want to learn and grow personally and professionally, this is the place for you. 


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