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Karin Sian

Productivity Assistant - Guatemala

I just finished my PA training 

My former boss works here, and he thought I would be a good PA because I kept him organized and I get things done.   


Karin's Journey

Finding her dream job

I found my dream job

Starting with the training, it's real. You learn things that you will use on the job. The teamwork is real too, not just talk. People care about you and support you.

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I didn't know that a company like this existed in Guatemala

I had worked in call centers for years. They tell you exactly what to do and what not to do. You're a real person here, and you are trusted to manage yourself. I was shocked.  

Communication is vital to me

I have a master's degree in psychology, and I see how we are losing our ability to make human connections. You are a whole person here. Everyone makes an effort to get to know you and make sure you are heard and get what you want and need.   

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Where do all these positive people come from?

That's what I asked myself. I think every positive person in the country works at Prialto 

I love to study

When I got my license to our learning platform, I thought it was Christmas. Unlimited classes? Amazing.  


What I thought were weaknesses are strengths here

My nerdiness—as I said, I love to study--and my near-obsession with organization help me so much. I get to learn new things and help members stay organized every day. Managers help you identify and play to your strengths.  

I wondered if I could build a career here

During onboarding (a foreign concept in call centers), I asked about growth opportunities. They said the sky is the limit. There are so many directions you can go—training, managing, HR—but they also said you have to go for it. That's no problem for me!  

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