Louie's Career Story with Prialto

Louie Ramos

Team Leader - Philippines

I joined Prialto in 2017 after working in call center and customer service jobs for many years.

My cousin had worked at Prialto and then became a freelance virtual assistant. It seemed more exciting, and he connected me with Prialto.

Louie's Journey

Finding her voice as a leader

I dressed up for the interview in a business suit

I was unsure if I was in the correct office. While call center production floors are extremely loud, at Prialto, everyone was extremely relaxed.  


You can feel the camaraderie

Everyone is helping each other, asking questions, exchanging ideas. Nothing was scripted like it is in a call center.

Every day is different, which I love!

It’s the first job I have had where the day goes by fast. Working with executives and my team, you learn something new every day. It’s like a backstage pass for a business.  


Being promoted to Team Leader has been a game-changer

I always wanted a career path, but I didn’t know how to find one. Prialto is all about growth. My managers helped me grow and find my strengths and passion. Now I get to do that for others.  

I had a member that was very hard on me

He gave a lot of critical feedback. I grew so much from that. The experience became the foundation of how I coach.

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Everyone is afraid to make mistakes

I always tell PAs, “That’s great! How else are you going to learn?” A mistake with one member helps you learn to better support all of your members.  

You have a voice here

Prialto is the only company I’ve worked at where everyone is heard. Anyone can raise an issue with the leaders. You can speak up if you have a concern about something. That is not tolerated in call centers. 


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