Maria Diaz

Alumnus - Guatemala

Prialto was my first job after college in 2016

I interviewed for some local personal assistant jobs, but they didn’t seem as challenging as working with U.S. executives, business owners, and corporations. I asked what kinds of companies I would be working with, and the more I learned, the more interested I became.  

Maria's Journey

A launch pad to a global consultancy

I loved my time there

The members that I supported became special to me, and I still remember all their names. One still wishes me a happy birthday every year (we share the same birthday). I was helping them plan their days and learn all about their businesses, and you also get to see how they balance their personal and professional lives.   


My work at Prialto helped me get my new job

One of my members was an analyst that researched the contingent staffing industry. I applied for a job in procurement for contingent staffing at a global consulting firm. They were amazed at how much I knew about the topic compared to the other applicants

I use a lot of what I learned at Prialto every day

First, is attention to detail. In procurement, statements of work (SOWs) are very complex legal documents. Mistakes can slow down deals. My boss can’t believe how I can keep track of so many details and create such accurate SOWs. I also learned strong professional email skills—I was managing 3-4 inboxes at Prialto. Now I get 300 emails a day, and it doesn’t faze me.   


I also learned to own my mistakes

I sent the wrong brochure to get printed. I was upset, but instead of being defensive, I explained why I thought that I sent the right brochure and described the decision-making process. The member said he understood why I made that decision. He even congratulated me on how I handled it.   

I miss Prialto sometimes

We had a great team spirit. We all knew each other’s members and would do anything to back up each other. It was like a race to see who could help first. We always wanted to make things right for the members. It was nice that everyone was happy for me when I left in 2018. 

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The manager that hired me at Prialto said working there would be like a “free MBA"

He was right. Working there gave me so many tools for future jobs and really for life.   


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