Melissa's Career Story with Prialto

Melissa Miller

Alumnus - Country Manager and EM

I joined Prialto in 2013 after two years teaching English and Science in the Peace Corps in the Philippines.  

I wasn’t ready to give up my life of travel and adventure, and I was looking for a new challenge.  

Melissa's Journey

Adventure, travel, and growth

I sure got what I was looking for--travel, adventure, and challenges

I became the Country Manager in the Philippines center. I had a lot of responsibility and the autonomy to lead as I saw fit.
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I love to learn by doing

And I learned an awful lot in a short time. Hiring, training, and managing 20-25 employees, matching them with members, operating during a natural disaster (typhoon). It was a steep curve.  

I called it risky but safe

I always had the support I needed from headquarters. The leadership had built an incredible team that worked together really well and guided me through it all.  


After some time in our Guatemala center, I returned to the States as an Engagement Manager in 2014

That was so fun. I had new clients and new challenges every day—more learning by doing, this time about business operations. My last role before at Prialto was Director of Operations and Service Development, refining Prialto’s business operations.  

I moved on to become Head of Benefit Operations at Gusto

At Prialto, I learned to raise my hand and say “yes” to new opportunities. I knew I might fail, but I also knew I would learn a lot and always had the support of the leadership. The experience served me well.  

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Melissas Story photos

I recently founded a startup and raised $6.9M!

The Mintable empowers ambitious people managers to succeed. We accelerate their growth with a 4-week Manager Foundation program. Prialto was my first formal management experience and I'm putting all I learned to good use.


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