Nancy Ramirez

PA/Mentor - Guatemala

I heard about Prialto from a friend who worked in the same building

I was working in call centers which is stressful and high pressure. Everything you do is measured, and people are always angry.



Nancy's Journey

From skeptic to mentor

When I started, I was skeptical

Everyone was so kind and helpful. I expected to be like a call center. It was so different that, at first, I didn’t understand such positive energy

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It is a community here

Everyone supports each other. There is a lot to learn. I’ve learned how to use tools that I didn’t know existed. And I’ve learned a lot of business skills by working with executives.

My first member left Prialto, came back, and requested to work with me

That was super rewarding! Members get to know you, and you build relationships.

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It was also amazing to become a mentor

I enjoy teaching others what I have learned. I find out what they are struggling with so I can help them. When new hires thank me for supporting them, that’s a great feeling.

I’ve learned to be more understanding of myself

You want to be perfect, but you will make mistakes. Managers are on your side. Mistakes are part of learning. There’s no judgment.

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I want to start my own business

I’m learning so much about technology and business. I live in a small town, and people aren’t so tech-savvy. I think a tech support business would work.

I like to play American football

I used to be in a full-contact league, but there aren’t enough women that want to play, so now I play flag football.


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