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Saida Palala

Productivity Assistant - Guatemala

I was looking for something different

I had many jobs in the BPO sector before joining Prialto in 2019. When I heard about being a virtual assistant I thought, this could be more rewarding than taking customer service calls all day. 



Saida's Journey

Making a difference and gaining skills

I was right--this is so much better

When I interviewed at Prialto, I saw a friend that worked there. She explained the opportunity and I thought, this is for me! 


Who wouldn’t want to work with a CEO?

We get to make a difference in U.S. businesses. We get to know people and build long-term relationships with customers. You don’t do that at call centers. 

There are so many things you can do to make this job special

Managing calendars and schedules, checking email, cleaning up inboxes these tasks are valuable to members because they save time. As a bonus, you get to learn all kinds of new professional skills.

We are valued because we provide value

It’s a great feeling. I think of all the things I can do to make my members’ work easier. We are all motivated to make a difference every day.  

You also get to work with a team

My Team Captain sent me a present today! We have managers, trainers, and teams that work together to continuously learn and improve our skills. The company invests in you. The support is real. You can feel it.
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One of my highlights was my first low rating by a member

I felt so bad, like I had let people down. But no one blamed me or got angry. My managers said “We know you. We know how you work. You will be fine.” Now that same member thanks me every day and even sends gift cards on special occasions. 

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