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Sara Bindl

Director of Engagement Management - Portland, OR

Before joining Prialto, I was the Director of IT Events for an executive events company

Sounds lofty, but I did everything from unpacking boxes to MCing the event and introducing the speakers. It required extreme attention to detail. And there were a lot of details. 

Sara's Journey

Embracing new challenges

I interviewed with Prialto because I wanted something more challenging

When I learned about the role of the Associate Engagement Manager—how it requires helping executives solve their productivity problems, that seemed like a challenge I would enjoy.  

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I was right--there are new challenges every day  

I love this role. I’m constantly learning new things because every member is different—different industries, different needs, different technology, and business processes. They come with a challenge, and you have to figure it out for the member and the PAs that will do the work. That’s the fun part of the job!  

I also really enjoy working with people in other countries

You get to see how they work, and live, and learn their perspectives that help you see things differently. It’s great for work and for life. 


You also get to see your work help companies grow

I got to show a member how to use HubSpot, and her face just lit up! It was like it changed her life. It’s very rewarding to pass on what you learn.   


I love it when members refer other executives to Prialto

It means you’re delivering a great service. One of our members has grown from one PA to 12. We work together as partners. That’s exciting.  

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I’m here because I love challenges

Not just in work. This year I plan to run the Timberline Trail (40 miles, 11,000 ft. elevation) and the Loowit Trail (32 miles, 4,500 ft elevation). My idea of fun!  

This year I was promoted to Director of Engagement Management

We thrive on understanding and solving members’ business problems, and we have a great team.

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