Sergio's Career Story with Prialto

Sergio Duarte

Team Leader - Guatamala

I was working at a call center in 2018 when I heard about Prialto

A friend of a friend worked for Prialto and loved it. He said it was more professional and executive-oriented, which is what I wanted.  

Sergio's Journey

Career development, growth, and adventure

I noticed the difference when I stepped into the office for the interview

Everyone was happy and helping each other. Their workspaces were personalized. Clearly, they enjoyed their work. You could feel it.  

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During the training, I could hear people doing amazing things for members

I would overhear people prospecting for sales leads, handling executives’ schedules, setting up important meetings, managing email campaigns. They were having an impact on the businesses that they supported. It was exciting.  

It’s great to feel like you’re making a difference.  

What we do helps members’ businesses grow. When you see that, it hits you hard and makes you feel good! I got to do things like social media advertising on Facebook and Google, and digital marketing for members to help their businesses grow. It is super rewarding.   

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You get to build relationships with your members

One of my members has spent time in Guatemala. We got to know each other and even shared our favorite recipes. You work side by side, virtually, as part of their team and you get to know them personally.   

My manager encouraged me to think about growing into a leadership role

That was amazing. I’m a shy person and didn’t see myself as a leader. He saw something, and it helped me to believe in myself. I became a mentor, and now I am a Team Captain.   

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I’m very grateful for the leaders here

They had confidence in me from the very beginning, and I am not the same person I was when I started. That motivates me to do the same for others. 

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