Sheila San Miguel

Alumnus - Philippines

I taught English to Korean students for seven years before joining Prialto.  

I applied to Prialto in 2017 because I wanted to learn more about sales and business in a professional environmentI got a lot more than I asked for!  

Sheila's Journey

Helping member businesses and PAs grow

The number one thing I learned is the importance of culture

Prialto's culture is everything. I loved that we are focused on helping each other. You don't have to be perfect, but you need to ask questions and ask for help. No one blames you if you make a mistake. We help each other learn and get better. If you're open-minded and have a growth mindset, you'll love it here.  

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I enjoyed working with U.S. executives  

In the Philippines, society tends to be hierarchical and formal. With Prialto, I called executives by their first names, and they relied on me for meaningful work. One Silicon Valley executive asked me to monitor his Bitcoin account and other investments. He paid for our training to learn how to support him.   

I split my time between supporting members and training PAs

I was a Senior PA for a team that supports 17 members. We started with one, and it was fun to see the account grow. I became a training coordinator and helped new PAs learn best practices to support members. The real goal is to earn members' trust. When a member trusts you, your life will be better because it will be easier for them to delegate.  

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I loved that I was able to make peoples' lives better

Helping members be more productive and helping PAs learn and grow were both very gratifying.   

No day was the same at Prialto

I loved that. I hate mundane work. Some of the tasks that I do might seem mundane, but by doing things well, you see the impact on the member, the business, and on Prialto.   


I follow former Netflix HR leader Patty McCord

She said we should all try to make our company a great place to be for everyone. You'll never have to recruit if you do that. People will come to you. That's how I approach my job and life.   

I am now an Engagement Expert at a global telecommunications company

I learned so much about implementing business processes at Prialto, it totally prepared me for this role. 


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