Virginia Tat

Alumnus Engagement Manager - Portland, OR

I joined Prialto in 2018 after being an auditor for a big four accounting firm

It was spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets. I analyzed and documented business processes to make sure they complied with financial regulations. It was a great experience, and I learned a ton about business processes. 

Virginia's Journey

Challenging opportunities and creative solutions

I was looking for something where I could do more consulting and less enforcing

That's what I found in Prialto. In an audit, you tell people how they must implement a process. It's the law! At Prialto, members bring us their challenges, and we figure out solutions based on their preferences and what works for them. It's much more creative.  

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I was impressed at how passionate the leaders are about Prialto

They are looking to build more than a successful business—more of a platform that amplifies all of us. It was refreshing to see that the core values mean something.  

Everyone is encouraged to lead here

I also wanted to work for a company where I could play a leadership role and influence business decisions. If you have an idea, we will support you.  


I built our learning and development process

In this business, we have to learn new skills, new tools, new technology constantly. Our PAs love learning and one of the advantages we bring to members is that they don't have to train us on new processes. That's our job. So, I helped operationalize our learning system to make it more efficient and repeatable.  


I'm amazed at how the company has grown since I started

Even with more than a hundred people, we gather each morning to check-in, share successes, and help each other with challenges. We're very focused on improving every aspect of the company.  

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I also did a lot more strategic planning with members

Instead of just doing the tasks they ask us to do, I helped them find a better way to achieve their outcomes. I could take a deep dive into the business and apply what I've learned over the years to find solutions the member didn't even know were possible.  

Prialto was the perfect preparation for my next job

I am the Senior Implementation Strategist, Enterprise, for Greenhouse, a recruiting and hiring SaaS startup. I learned so much about onboarding companies onto new systems and platforms at Prialto, this is a perfect next step.

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