Managed Virtual Executive Assistants for Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

How we boost productivity for Venture Capital and Private Equity Teams

Your Problem:

Your team is inundated with meetings. Meetings mean travel, expenses, document preparation, CRM updates, all of which can be a major time suck. Then there are email and phone calls to sort through, which can take as much as four hours per day. The list of admin work grows and your team's productivity decreases.

Our Solution:

A Managed Virtual Assistant Service: Unlike most virtual assistant services, we don’t just match you with assistants and walk away. Prialto hires, trains, and supervises assistants to ensure you always have reliable, professional support.

Backups for Continuity

Your primary assistant is your day-to-day contact, but trained backups are always ready to step in if needed.

Training is On Us

All assistants are fully trained in your business processes and retrained every time you add a new one.

Performance Management

You don’t need another person to manage! On-site supervisors take on performance management and quality control.

Engagement Management

Your secret weapon—EMS are your thought partner to help you offload more tasks as we get to know your business.


We document your workflows to make adding more assistants fast and easy as your team grows.

Enterprise Security

Background checks, NDAs, secure offices, networks, and computers ensure your information is safe.

Ways We Can Support You

Our service is fully customized to meet your needs. However, over the years, we have carefully refined the following core processes that most of the VC & PE executives we work with utilize.

Calendar Management

Your virtual executive assistant is an expert meeting scheduler (and re-scheduler) and will keep your calendar clean and up to date so you always know what the day will bring

Contact Management

A virtual administrative assistant will keep all of your contacts organized in a single system so you never struggle to find someone's information

Streamlined Communication

Your assistant can field calls and take messages, categorize, and escalate email messages based on your priorities, and help you prepare for meetings by updating tear sheets and presentations

Document Preparation

Leave the research and data entry for templated documents like board packets, startup profiles, funding opportunities to us

Travel Support

It takes up to 12 hours to plan a business trip. Document your preferences and loyalty programs, and your assistant will hand you a complete itinerary for your trips

Expense Management

Give your assistant encrypted access to your expense platform and you will never have to fill out an expense report again

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