Hire Virtual Assistants for Accountants

How we boost productivity for Accountants

Your Problem:

Keeping up with hiring needs is the number one concern among CEOs, CFOs and controllers surveyed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Retaining top employees as competition intensifies is also a key challenge.

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Our Solution:

Allow your current accountants to take on more clients by freeing them from administrative tasks. Accounting firms that lack the time, expertise, and resources needed to build an administrative layer leverage our managed virtual assistant service. Offering admin support to top-performers is also an effective way to improve retention since it’s a perk that sets your company apart from other options.

Offload Administrative Tasks

Where does 16 hours per week go? Scheduling appointments, following up with clients, preparing documents, CRM data management, marketing efforts and more.

Better Customer Service

Having a dedicated virtual assistant support you means you can give your full self during meetings. Have your assistant answer phone calls and respond to client questions.

Scale Seamlessly

Your professional Prialto virtual assistants are supported by a team of managers and trained backup assistants that document your processes for growth and continuity.

Ways We Can Support You

Our service is fully customized to meet your needs. However, over the years, we have carefully refined the following core processes that most of the executive teams we work with utilize.


Eliminate email ping pong for your accountants. Assistants schedule, confirm, and follow-up with appointments, and place important reminders on calendars.

Document Preparation

Save your team’s time formatting account reviews, client reports, etc. Just give us the templates and content, and your assistants will take it from there.

Contact Management

Virtual administrative assistants will keep all your team's contacts organized in a single CRM system, so you never struggle to find someone's information and it is always up to date.

Marketing Support

Your assistant can create letter templates, layouts for company brochures, and update content on websites and social media.

Inbox Triage

As your virtual assistant team learns your business, contacts, and priorities, they can manage your team’s inboxes and save hours each day sorting through messages

HR Assistance

Reduce the administrative burden that slows down hiring during times of high growth. A Prialto assistant can post openings, format resumes, and schedule interviews to help you keep up with hiring needs.

A Few of the Tools We Use

We will operate within your tech stack. We train assistants in productivity technology including calendar and email management, CRM management, rebalancing and cash flow analysis, and comparison tools. If we do not know something, we will learn it. Our promise is that you do not have to change how you work.


Our Best Practices

Here at Prialto we’ve used our decades of collective business experience to develop a collection of best practices that drive all of our interactions. Here are just a few of the ways we’ll ensure you get exceptional service.

Keep Contacts Organized and Up to Date

Accountants have contacts stored in a variety of places, including inboxes, calendars, CRMs, spreadsheets, etc. This makes it difficult to accurately keep track of people, network, send emails, and engage other outreach activities. 

When you start working with Prialto, virtual assistants can consolidate all your contacts as you see fit. After that, they will ensure all your contact management systems are consistent and up to date. 

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Adopt Your Communication Preferences

When accountants are meeting clients and carrying out other responsibilities, they can reach out to their virtual assistant using the communication channels they prefer—email, text, telephone, or chat.  

Our assistants will use your messaging tools and respond to all requests within the hour, so your executives have easy access to support while they are on the go. Whenever they are not immediately available, your backup assistant will respond and ensure you get the support you need. 

Security and Compliance

Prialto virtual assistants are employees of Prialto. They undergo thorough background checks, sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and work in our secured offices with enterprise-grade network security and access control. We work with all our finance sector clients to ensure we meet all financial records compliance and governance requirements.  

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Increase Your CPAs' Productivity