Hire a Virtual Email Assistant and Free Up Your Inbox

By Katerina Baratta | Updated: 02 Feb, 2023

Does email run your life?  

According to McKinsey Global Institute, the average worker spends 28% of the workweek reading and answering email. And a survey by Adobe came up with an even more shocking number, reporting that 352 minutes are spent on email every day.  

Email is an indispensable part of the modern workplace, but it’s clear that the situation is out of hand.  

You want to make the most of your time, yet countless hours are being lost sorting through email.  

So, what’s the solution?  

One of the best ways out of this mess is to hire a virtual email assistant. 

5 ways a virtual email assistant can help you 

A virtual email assistant can help you gain control of your inbox.  

Manage your inbox 

Without a clear inbox management system, everyone else’s priorities dictate yours. This puts you on the fast lane to inefficiency and overwhelm.  

A virtual assistant (VA) could be the executive email management solution you’ve been looking for, because they can help you manage your inbox so you can focus on what’s important to you, first.  

Replace overwhelm and distraction from your inbox with calm and focused productivity as your VA takes charge, deleting SPAM, unsubscribing from promotions that don’t interest you, forwarding emails when appropriate, answering FAQ, and keeping your inbox organized.  

Organize tasks 

A big portion of the emails that come into your inbox every day are task related.  

But when you answer every email immediately as it comes in, you end up wasting dozens of hours every week on tasks that should really be lower on your priority list.  

A virtual assistant can help you with email task management so you know which emails need to be answered right away, and which can wait.  

Reply to emails 

Every day, you get emails asking you the same or similar questions.  

Instead of wasting your time answering each of these yourself, you can show your VA how you want them answered and save you countless frustrating hours in the process.  

File emails in folders 

Emails fall into different categories, but when you see them all in one place it can be overwhelming.  

For example, there’s nothing wrong with reading newsletters, but when they’re mixed in with urgent emails, you’re much more likely to get distracted and lose your focus.  

A VA can create an email management system for you and file emails in folders, so you can use your time more intentionally and focus on your priorities.  

Why an email management virtual assistant is better than an email management tool 

Email management tools can be helpful in organizing your inbox, but they only go so far.  

Nothing compares to the intelligence of a real, live human. Because unlike a computer, a virtual assistant can help with creative problem solving, act as an accountability partner, and keep you informed when emergencies pop up.  

A virtual assistant can help you find the most efficient solutions 

Some of the members at Prialto describe their VA as a “second me,” because they are so good at anticipating needs and being proactive.  

Your virtual assistant can keep you accountable 

They can help you make sure that you follow through on what’s most important, and don’t even have to think about anything that doesn’t align with your priorities.  

Never miss urgent emails again  

Not only will they keep your inbox organized, but your VA can also alert you to truly urgent emails when they come in, so you never have to be afraid of dropping the ball on something important.  

These are the kinds of personal touches that software just can’t beat.  

An email management virtual email assistant will increase your efficiency 

Inbox management is essential if you want to increase your efficiency and be more productive.  

Everything feels urgent when it lands in your inbox, but in reality, only a fraction of the emails you receive actually need your immediate attention.  

Your virtual assistant can keep track of urgent emails so you can focus elsewhere.  

Focus on priority tasks 

Prialto virtual assistants specialize in creating email management systems that allow you to spend time on urgent and important tasks first.  

Your VA can even categorize emails in order of priority, so you’re crystal clear on which tasks need your immediate attention, and which can wait.  

Reduce unproductive tasks 

Once your VA has set up your email management system, any non-essential information can then be filed away so you can view it when you have more time –or not at all.  

Out of sight, out of mind for non-essential email can do wonders when it comes to email efficiency!  

5 Steps to start working with a virtual email assistant 

If you want to decrease stress and increase efficiency around your inbox, a virtual assistant is an indispensable asset.  

Prialto’s managed virtual assistant service takes this further by providing you with a whole backup team to support your needs.  

Our virtual assistants are hired, trained, and managed by us, so you don’t have to waste time looking for an assistant that’s going to be the right fit.  

Plus, at Prialto, you don’t have to worry about your assistant leaving, either.  

Because we are a managed service, we meticulously document each of your processes and provide trained backups if your virtual assistant is ever unavailable for any reason.

This means that even if your virtual assistant moves on from Prialto, you can rely on your service continuing at the same level of quality without losing more hours finding and training a brand-new assistant.  

Here’s how to get started.  

1. Schedule a discovery call 

The first step is to schedule a discovery call so we can help you identify the tasks your virtual assistant will take over.  

Want to never see SPAM again?  

Want someone else to answer routine questions?  

Want to focus on what’s important?  

We can make all of that happen, and more.  

2. Review your implementation plan 

Next, we’ll create shared expectations so we’re clear on how we can best support you as we get started, and have a plan for where we want to go next, (because, –spoiler alert, — Prialto virtual assistants can do much more than just manage your inbox!) 

3. Onboard with your support team 

You’ll then meet with your virtual assistant and support team to discuss your preferences and get everyone set up in your systems.  

4. Offload core tasks with our email management services 

Sit back and feel the benefits of hiring Prialto immediately as you offload your inbox management to your virtual assistant.  

Within a few weeks, they’ll get to know you and your preferences, so you never have to worry about a messy inbox again.  

5. Optimize and expand your processes 

Why stop at email?  

Prialto’s virtual assistants are trained to manage everything from your inbox to record keeping, calendar management, travel arrangements, document preparation, research, list building, and more.  

Once your inbox is running smoothly, you can then chat with your Engagement Manager to identify new ways your virtual assistant can support you.  

A virtual email assistant will amplify your productivity.  

A virtual assistant’s job is to make your life easier.  

This means that you can focus on your priorities while your assistant takes care of the busywork that would otherwise gobble up your time and clutter your head space.  

Start by having your VA create an email management system customized to your preferences and priorities so you can focus on what’s most important. And then make all other forms of busywork a thing of the past, too, as you take advantage of your Prialto support to expand beyond email management services. 

Set up your discovery call today to learn more.