How Salesforce Einstein AI Helps Assistants Be More Productive

By Deena Anreise | Updated: 24 Oct, 2016

“You can now prioritize the highest value leads every time with Predictive Lead Scoring for Sales…and automatically capture customer data to discover next steps and closest connections with Salesforce Inbox.”

-Jake Cerf, Salesforce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning algorithms are beginning to power everything from autonomous vehicles and GPS maps to home appliances that learn your daily and seasonal heating preferences. Soon, AI will be a huge productivity boost to sales professionals. According to a 2015 study by Implisit (acquired by Salesforce in May 2016), sales executives are still spending the majority of their time on menial tasks that make their quota difficult to achieve.

Your Sales Team Isn’t Meeting Its Quotas Because of CRM

It’s no wonder that when salespeople are under the gun to fill their quota (which only 57.1% achieve), their CRM gets the backseat. Even when 79.1% of firms have implemented a core CRM system, only 23% have an adoption Rate >90%. Salesforce recently unveiled its AI assistant, Einstein, at its annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. It is a native enhancement that helps users dive deeper into relationship management and sales team productivity.        

Scary Salesforce CRM Stats That Should Concern You 

  • 18% of a salesperson’s week is spent updating leads in Salesforce
  • 17% of their week is eaten up by the need to update contacts in Salesforce
  • Salespeople must revise over 60 records per day (that’s over 300 updates per week)
  • 21% of salespeople make over 500 updates per week to Salesforce
CRM Software Is Only As Good As Its Data 

Yet while the CRM platform is now able to give its users better results to further their sales goals, Salesforce Einstein still doesn’t solve the problems of Salesforce’s lack of user adoption or salespeople’s lack of time to update their Salesforce CRM. So the vicious cycle continues, because any CRM is only as good as its data.

For this, you’ll still need to take time from valuable quota earning salespeople to get the raw data correctly entered into the system unless you pair these relationship building CRM needs with a sales assistant that can help prevent your expensive sales executives from becoming data entry clerks.  

A virtual assistant can leverage AI on your behalf to maintain a flawless CRM sales process that will drive your business forward. Learn more now.