How to Stop Wasting Time On Repeatable Tasks You Can Delegate

By Deena Anreise | Updated: 17 Nov, 2016

Don't Impede Your Business Growth

You may be spending as much as 80% of your time on simple, repeatable tasks that pull you away from focusing your time on high-growth tasks that will pull your business forward.

These repeatable administrative tasks include CRM data entry, creating presentations, prospect research and outreach, maintaining your schedule, checking and sending emails, booking travel, invoicing clients, payroll, expense reports, social media management...

The list goes on and on and on because these tasks are part of every entrepreneur's and executive's daily business operations and cannot be tabled for another day or left undone entirely. The point here is that each of these administrative tasks is a crucial aspect of business growth. Without them, businesses tend to sink.

"Small business owners waste their time on what I call $10 an hour work, like running to get office supplies. Meanwhile, they forgo the activities that earn $1,000 an hour, such as sending the right email to the right person, or negotiating a lucrative contract, or convincing a client to do more business with you."Perry Marshall, CEO and Founder at

When business professionals spend every day slogging through repeatable administrative tasks then there's no feasible time for them to engage in high-skill tasks like sales, marketing, and public relations (to name a few) that contribute to new revenue and overall business growth.

The solution: delegate tasks to a remote administrative assistant.

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Outsourcing Is Cost-Effective

When you outsource, there's no need to provide health insurance, vacation pay, employer wage deductions, office space, furnishings, or equipment. That makes it supremely cost-effective. With a managed remote administrative assistant service like Prialto, we take care of all those needs for our employees so you don't have to. 

Outsourcing allows business professionals to focus on high-skill (a.k.a. high-value) business growth tasks while a virtual executive assistant handles the ongoing, repeatable administrative tasks. That makes it sublimely growth-oriented. 

Isn't it about time to step up your workplace productivity and see what a remote administrative assistant can do for your business?

What You Should Do Now

If you need help delegating, here are a few options to help you:

  1. Download our ebook "How to Use Delegation to be a More Impactful Leader" and get a better understanding of what tasks to delegate, how to delegate effectively, and how to create processes that save you time in your delegation.
  2. Book a free consultation call with Prialto. We can help you regain more of your time by offloading repeatable tasks to a fully managed virtual assistant. One of our experts will help you create a plan to delegate your tasks and we will even train your VA for you.
  3. If you know someone else who’d benefit from being a better delegator, share this post with them via email, Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook.