How to Manage the Growth of Your Sales Team

By Andy Mowat | Updated: 24 Sep, 2014

Though managing a larger sales team can be challenging at first, the following tips will help you to create and manage a bigger team with less friction.

Hire the right salespeople

Getting the right salespeople is key to having an efficient team. Yet the role of the salesperson is arguably one of the most difficult positions to hire for.

Great salespeople are always in demand.

The stiff competition forces many organizations to settle for less than stellar sales talent. According to Accenture, 65% of new sales reps are not succeeding. Mistakes made in this area can cost your organization time and money.

Therefore, investing in above-average salespeople is ideal. Remember that your team is only as strong as its weakest link, so be sure to select and train them well.

Quickly get new salespeople to full productivity

According to a CSO Insights survey, 60% of respondents said that it took over seven months for a new seller to produce at the same level as a tenured one.

If you don’t have that kind of time to wait for results, consider slimming down your CRM fields to only those that are truly necessary to close deals. Hide the rest. This way, your new sales reps don’t have to spend a lot of time being trained on a new system.

Also, make sure they are supported with strong admin support, then sit back and watch their productivity skyrocket.

Motivate and inspire

Great salespeople have the drive and energy needed to succeed, but anyone can have an off day and may need a dose of inspiration along with external motivators to keep them going.

A good sales manager knows how to tie daily activities with the right compensation. An appropriate compensation system lets your sales team know that every activity counts and will push them to reach the goals set for the day, week or month.

This also keeps each person accountable for his/her actions for the time period and pushes him/her to perform better next time if their goals are not met.

Build a repeatable sales model

There’s no need for each sales rep hired by your organization to come in and reinvent the wheel. Instead, create the ideal model of your sales cycle to show them exactly how it’s done.

By taking the time to build a repeatable sales process, sales cycles become shorter and productivity takes off.

Ensure compliance

Make sure that all team members use the same tools and follow the system you have set. Allowing one member to deviate from the system and utilize other metrics may cause a rough spot among other colleagues.

No matter how high the sales numbers any team member rakes in, make sure that he/she complies with the metrics and system of your team.

For example, task each team member with logging all sales calls within your CRM system and track who is and isn’t logging their meetings.

Hold those that aren’t responsible, while rewarding those that are. This promotes accountability and transparency within and among your team members.

What You Should Do Now

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