How Admin Support Gets New Sales Reps Up & Running Quickly

By Neha Singh Gohil | Updated: 28 May, 2014

Having a support team for your sales reps makes onboarding new reps much easier. Even the most experienced, well-connected salespeople need support in order to be successful.

Introducing a virtual sales assistant early on establishes best practices that enable new sales reps to get up to speed quickly.

According to Accenture, when it comes to sales reps, 65% of new hires are not succeeding. For most companies, the better the on‐boarding process, the greater the chances of the sales rep performing well.

Providing sales support to new sales reps can offer:

Support From The Start

Demonstrates to new hires that your organization is making an investment in their success, which in turn will make them want to work harder for your organization.

A Focus on Sales

New reps should be completely focused on matters related to business development. The only way for them to begin to fill their pipeline is to hunker down and make those cold calls or introduce themselves to current clients to nurture existing relationships.

What will not help them to make sales is tedious administrative work.


Traditionally, a senior-level salesperson would mentor new junior-level sales reps in order to teach them the ropes. Unfortunately, that’s time that your top sales reps are not spending on making sales.

It’s much more convenient and beneficial to the organization’s bottom line to allow a PA to create a smooth transition into the new role for junior reps.

Faster ROI

According to a CSO Insights survey, approximately 60% of respondents said that it took over seven months for a new seller to produce at the same level as a tenured one.

A quarter of that 60% said that it took over a year to achieve that production level.

Having a team of PAs in place to onboard new sales reps, reduces the amount of time it takes for the salesperson to begin to generate revenue.

Reduced Turnover

CSO Insights data also shows that the annual sales representative turnover is 21 percent; with more than one-fifth of hired sales reps either choosing to leave or being counseled out by their companies each year.

By offering new sales reps support that will make transitioning into a new job easier, it is more likely that they will succeed and therefore, less likely that they will leave.

Additionally, an increase in tenured sales reps will create a lasting legacy of sales success by way of a strong relationship between the sales rep and your company as well as the sales rep and your clients.

Effortless Recruitment

Accenture estimates that talent hiring and retention policies affect as much as 10 percent of the top line each year.

By providing support that goes above the current industry standard, your company could have the country’s top sales talent beating down your door for an opportunity.

What You Should Do Now

If you need help with sales support, here are a few options to help you:

  1. Download our eBook "Spend More Time Selling with a Virtual Assistant" and get a better understanding of how a virtual assistant can handle tedious sales tasks to give sales leaders and teams more time to sell and take care of customers.
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  3. If you know someone else who’d benefit from sales support, share this post with them via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.