Supercharge Outside Sales with Prialto and Badger Maps

By Andy Mowat | Updated: 01 Dec, 2014

According to research, inside sales is growing 300% faster than outside sales. Despite this, outside sales is still a viable approach to connecting with important customers and prospects to close larger deals.

In fact, because there’s been a big shift toward online sales, meeting prospects in person could be a key differentiator that separates your company from the pack.

Smart outside sales reps can still use the power of technology to boost their productivity, enabling them to meet prospects face-to-face, making that all-important human connection that has been lost amid an increasingly digital world.

Take the Hassle Out of Outside Sales

As an outside salesperson, it’s important to keep physical addresses up to date inside your CRM software. While you’re out on the road, mobile CRM apps and maps help you to get to your destination. Badger, a productivity tool that allows you to map your Salesforce accounts and contacts, takes your CRM data a step further by finding new prospects near your current location and routing efficient travel plans for you, helping you to get more out of every in-person sales meeting.

However, like any tool, Badger is only as good as the fuel you put into it – in this case, your Salesforce data. So while this tool can be powerful, many companies don’t have the “jet fuel” quality data necessary to make the engines hum. In steps Prialto – your data cleansing, information tracking, sales support, “jet fuel” creator.

It’s 8 AM, do you know where your addresses are?

Badger will map your accounts and contacts based on addresses synced through Salesforce. However, you’ll need to ensure your addresses are tracked in the right place in order for Badger to find them.

Between the several standard address fields in Salesforce (shipping, billing, and mailing just to name a few) and the countless custom address fields your admin may have created over the years, who knows where your addresses are currently stored.

Lucky for you, your Prialto PA not only manages new information but also can configure your Salesforce database so information is where it needs to be to utilize tools like Badger more effectively.

All dressed up and nowhere to go

While you’re in town for a couple of meetings, you’re bound to have some unscheduled downtime. Why not use this time to double your productivity by squeezing in an unplanned meeting? Or maybe your scheduled meeting was canceled or postponed; the day doesn’t have to be a bust.

Simply have your PA use Badger to schedule a few meetings with people already in your Salesforce system who also happen to be on your route.

You can check in on current clients, providing a personal touch and taking advantage of a possible upsell opportunity, or set up meetings with new prospects, all while on the go.

Badger can effortlessly turn your downtime into productive time, with your Prialto PA leading the way. Click here to learn more about how Badger and Prialto can take your sales productivity to the next level while out in the field.

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