American Microgrid Solutions

American Microgrid Solutions powers mission-critical community operations with turnkey solutions that improve resiliency, security, savings, and sustainability. The company helps utilities, public safety, hospitals, schools, emergency shelters, telecommunications, and other essential community services integrate advanced clean energy technology with legacy systems. 

  • Industry: Energy
  • Size: 3 Prialto Units
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Core Processes We Started With

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Scheduling Meetings
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New Client Intake
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Document Control
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Database Management
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Event Planning

The Problem

Administrative tasks were limiting the growth of a rapidly growing business. 

American Microgrid Solutions (AMS) was growing fast. 

“Scheduling new customer meetings was my biggest need. I can have six meeting requests in a day, and three intake calls with clients ready to take the next step.” 

“We have a small team, and my Harvard-educated, Air Force-trained project manager spent hours everyday scheduling meetings, and more time gathering documents from clients.” 

AMS had developed intentional workflows with meetings scheduled and documents uploaded in a custom CRM built on SmartSheet. The project process included: 

  • Intake meeting to collect client contact data and facility specifications. 
  • Requirements meeting to identify project scope. 
  • Review meeting to present an initial design and document change requests. 
  • Final design presentation. 
  • Approval meeting. 

All meetings include multiple stakeholders and, as Geoff said, required “herding cats.” 

Once a project is approved, the cat herding continues—scheduling subcontractors, inspections, getting permits, requesting documents like utility bill history—are all workflows that can be delegated. 

“I brought on Prialto to free myself, my project manager, and my solutions designer from time-consuming administrative tasks so they could focus on revenue-generating work—getting projects off-the ground and in production.” 

The Goal

Free executives from admin tasks to spend time on revenue - generating work. 

Our Solution

A Prialto Productivity Assistant (PA) assigned to AMS began by taking over Geoff’s calendar and scheduling new client and intake calls. Prialto managers documented Geoff’s scheduling preferences and follow-up procedures, and trained backup assistants to step in whenever his primary assistant was unavailable. 

2023 Update: AMS continues to expand and has brought on an additional Prialto unit to support contracts and accounts. 


“The Prialto team has been an excellent addition to American Microgrid Solutions.” 

“My PA has freed me of the time and effort spent herding cats to schedule meetings and confirm information. She has developed a real knack for anticipating what I need and making sure that I am prepared. This work involves a lot of small tasks and special requests that Prialto takes care of, so I don’t have to.” 

“I have delegated an increasing amount of my routine work to my PA via our project manager and solutions designer.” 

“She sends and tracks basic agreements using Docusign as part of our client intake process. She is also in the process of taking over database maintenance work for me. This is important work for us and frees us all to focus on revenue-generating work." 

“Bottom Line: Our PA is fantastic to have on the team and I consider as much a part of this company as anyone else.” 


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