CABN is a green technology company advancing an innovative manufacturing process for net-zero, cost-efficient, component modular housing. Using innovative prefabricated component construction strategy, combined with energy-modelled design and renewable technology, CABN has created a new era in home design for the conscious and connected consumer. 

  • Industry: Construction
  • Size: 2 Prialto Units
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Core Processes We Started With

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Client Inquiries
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CRM Management

The Problem

Each new customer meant a list of repetitive processes

CABN was scaling up and trying to balance what that looked like with support, logistics, and supply. They were launching their first show home and needed to bring in the right mix of prospective individual and multi-home clients. They had an extensive wait list, who needed outreach, re-engagement, and a baseline understanding of their need before they were invited to view the show home. Each new customer meant a list of repetitive processes that needed to be completed during on-boarding. 

“We were recommended Prialto by my previous company,” said Jackson Wyatt, founder of CABN. “They said Prialto worked out well for them.” 

Alex Kelly, Chief Operating Officer of CABN, shared that exceptional customer service was also important. CABN wanted to ensure all inquiries were met with a personal touch and not just an automated response. Before Prialto came on, Jackson and Alex were enlisting help from their spouses to keep up with the growing number of inquiries.  

CABN’s executives also needed help with ongoing project management and scheduling introductory calls with prospective clients.  

The Goal

Manage the customer journey and provide excellent support to clients and executives. 

Our Solution


The service started by offloading scheduling meetings with investors, real estate developers, business partners, members of the media/press and one-on-one sales calls. To help the CABN executives prepare for these meetings, their Prialto Productivity Assistant (PA) created tear sheets with profile information, business stats, and the reason the individual was reaching out. Beginning with these processes enabled Prialto to quickly learn the key stakeholders and how the CABN business model operates. 

Inbox Management + Customer Service

Next up was inbox management and customer service. The PA took on answering calls and managing the shared CABN inbox—forwarding messages to the appropriate party as necessary and documenting responses to frequently asked questions to better answer the queries on her own going forward. Now, if a client is searching to buy a house, a supplier is reaching out, or someone is looking to invest in the company, the Prialto Assistant is their first point of contact. As part of the learning process, Prialto proactively built out a living document covering all FAQ answers and important details. This document now serves as the source of truth for new CABN employees.

CRM management

CABN also offloaded CRM management. Their PA manages and organizes contracts and client information, freeing up Alex and Jackson to take on higher level tasks. The PA creates records of current and potential clients and updates them as they move through the sales funnel. Their assistant also creates and manages lists of other contacts such as investors, developers, press, and business partners. 


Wyatt and Kelly quickly onboarded with their PA and service ramped up smoothly.  

“There is seamless integration with our corporate culture as they respond to 100s of customer inquiries a week. [Prialto] is so invested in our success. They became part of our corporate team immediately, rather than acting as an external consultant. As a large focus of their role with us is customer service, this is incredibly important to us and our brand.” 

Our Prialto team member has transitioned our CRM with over 3500 contacts effectively and efficiently, with a keen eye towards improving on existing processes. Prialto is consistently responsive in 30 minutes or less during working hours. Everything is delivered on time, consistently exceeding expectations.” 
- Alex Kelly, COO 


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