SHRM Hawaii

SHRM Hawaii is a non-profit corporation representing more than 900 human resource professionals throughout the State of Hawaii. It is also an Affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management.

  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Size: 1 Prialto Assistant

Core Processes We Started With

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Phone Support
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Marketing + Communications
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Event Logistics

The Problem

Administrative tasks were limiting business growth.

SHRM Hawaii Executive Director Karen Smith tells her story: "I manage nonprofit organizations, so I take them in as contract jobs. I’m in charge of every task related to the organization’s management.

A lot of times, I would rather not take a contract if it implies time-consuming work or if it limits how many clients I can take.

Whenever I run nonprofit organizations, I take care of their membership, websites, fundraising, and programming, and I also run their board and arrange their meetings. This work involves a lot of small tasks and special requests."

The Goal

Offload admin tasks to allow for more clients, more revenue, and more kindness

Our Solution

"I belong to an association, so I have counterparts in every state. My counterpart in California was having good success with Prialto, and she introduced me to them. I brought Prialto in to help me with time consuming tasks.

They’re very good at following up and reminding me of things. Although I heavily invest in technology solutions, sometimes there’s no replacement for human work. For example, if a client wants me to take phone calls, which I can’t do because I have meetings all day, my assistant takes those calls.

Additionally, I usually implement technology to gather information, but some clients want me to collect the data personally to provide a special touch. In those cases, Prialto helps me gather that information. I’ve found it invaluable that I can throw anything to an assistant and not have to worry about it.

Prialto’s process is very smart. They don’t just hire someone and take care of their payroll; they have teams, support, and constant training. There were a lot of virtual assistants out there, but Prialto offered a better approach. "


"Thanks to Prialto’s services, I’ve been able to take in new clients, and I’ve made more money from those clients than what I’ve invested.

I appreciate Prialto’s structure and the education they give to their employees. The thing that I appreciate the most is their kindness. There’s not a lot of kindness in the world. They’ve worked around things for me, and they’ve shown up when they didn’t have to.

Overall, Prialto is a great partner. "

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