Insurance Teams Get More Done With Prialto Assistants

How we boost productivity for Insurance Executives

Your Problem:

Insurance executives are inundated by tedious administrative work—entering data for quotes, applications and claims, managing your CRM/AMS, prospecting, tracking renewals, significantly reducing the amount of time they can spend on value-driving activities.

Our Solution:

Prialto's professional executive admin support ensures your team's tasks are done proactively, strategically, and with care. We know how hectic days are packed with busy work that distracts your executive and sales teams from growing the business.

Improve the Client Experience

Your assistants will make sure you are on top of client communications, following up with leads, tracking quotes, applications, and change requests

Continuously Grow Your Business

Your virtual insurance assistants will help manage your team's contacts to keep your sales funnel full and your customer satisfaction high

Market Your Offerings

Your assistants can prepare sales sheets, customize templates, schedule and prepare notes for sales calls, and follow up on action items

Ways We Can Support You

Our service is fully customized to meet your team's needs, no matter how many executives we're supporting. Over the years, we have carefully refined the following core processes that most of the insurance executives we work with utilize.

Campaign Support

Save time on your campaigns. Simply create your content, and we'll format it, send it out, and help manage any follow-ups

Contact Management

A virtual administrative assistant will keep all your contacts organized in a single CRM/AMS system, so you never struggle to find someone's information

Proactive Communication

Eliminate email ping pong, and secure the hard-to-get meetings with polite but persistence, as well as reminders for payments and renewals

Document Preparation

Leave the data entry for quotes, applications, claims, and policy updates to us. Our assistants can fill in routine information and set documents up in any tool you use

Sales Support

Your assistant can prospect for new clients, build lists, launch email campaigns, and follow up on sales leads while you spend time with clients and prospects

Customer Services

Your virtual assistant can send certificates of insurance, payment notifications, insurance ID cards, and product updates to clients

A Few of the Tools We Use

We will help you leverage your tech stack. We train assistants in productivity technology including calendar and email management, CRM/AMS management, travel and expense management, light bookkeeping. If we do not know it we will learn it. Our promise is that you do not have to change how you work.

Our Best Practices

Here at Prialto, we have used our decades of collective business experience to develop a collection of best practices that drive all our interactions. Here are just a few of the ways we will ensure you get exceptional service.

Provide Robust Research for Business Development

A key to being a top producer is knowing your target markets inside and out. The challenge is that doing the research yourself takes time away from your serving your clients, reaching out to warm leads, and other strategic activities. Your virtual assistant will carefully curate the latest research to keep you well-informed and support your business development. Information we gather for our current clients includes:

  • Prospecting by your sales criteria for industry, company, location, job title, income, and more
  • Proactively communicating rate and policy changes
  • Update client milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, family changes)
Insurance Virtual Assistants

Keep Contacts Organized and Up-to-Date

If you are like most insurance executives, you have contacts stored in a variety of places, including your inbox, email management tool, CRM/AMS, spreadsheets, etc. This makes keeping track of people, curating lists to send targeted newsletters to, and engaging in other outreach activities difficult.

When you start working with Prialto, your virtual assistant can consolidate all your contacts as you see fit. After that, they will ensure all your contact management systems are consistent and up to date.

Virtual Sales Assistants For Insurance Brokers

Adopt Your Communication Preferences

When you are moving around your markets, meeting clients, and carrying out other responsibilities, just reach out to your virtual assistant using the communication channels you prefer.

Your assistant will adopt the messaging tools you use and respond to all requests within the hour, so you have easy access to support while on the go. Whenever they are not immediately available, your backup assistant or someone else from their team will respond and ensure you get the support you need.

Virtual Insurance Assistants

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